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Choosing the right kiteboard size

What is the right kiteboard size?

When you start kitesurfing, you need to kit yourself out with kitesurfing gear. Choosing the right kiteboard size will make a huge impact on your kiting. You generally start on a bigger board and tend to buy a bigger board (138-140). The problem with this is you are progressing at a fast pace and will outgrow these bigger boards fairly quickly. For your kitesurfing (and your budget), you would rather want to choose the right kiteboard size that you can keep riding for a longer period of time.  Choosing the right size kite board relates to how tall you are and your weight. For example, I weigh 85kgs so I ride a size 138 kite board. If I were taller I would maybe go for a bigger board i.e a 140. what is the right kite board size for your weight

Another big factor to take into consideration is the conditions you will be riding in. Cape Town wind blows at an average of 25-35 knots so you wouldn’t necessarily need a small board. Most people could get away with riding a 135 or 138 max. With Cape Town also being a a strong wind location, you can get away with riding a wake style board with an aggressive rocker, which will give you a lot more pop than a flat board. choosing the right kite board for my weight

If I lived in Dubai, where the wind is between 12-15knots on an average day, I would definitely have to go with a bigger board (138 or 140). The rocker line would be crucial as riding a board with a high rocker line would be challenging when you tried to stay upwind. What is the right kite board size for my size and weight   Kite board size, why it matters

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