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Cable vs Boat Wakeboards: The best Liquid Force Hybrid Wakeboards | Liquid Force Cape Town

Cable vs. Boat Wakeboards

The difference. Can one board serve 2 purposes?

So you have 2 choices. A cable wakeboard or a boat wakeboard? Can you get away with having one board for both boat and cable? The answer is Yes/kinda/maybe/no.   So lets start off by explaining cable and what makes a cable specific board. Cable wakeboards are generally a lot thinner than boat specific boards. Their rails are a lot thinner and sharper. The reason for this is to create load on the cable when edging , and by having a sharper rail, edging becomes a lot more consistant and easier. Generally with most brands, cable boards have flex in them. Liquid Force uses a CNC woodcore allowing riders to press better on rails. Boat boards don’t have flex in them as you use the wake to get that desired pop and height. Having a stiff board for boat means a consistent edge with consistant landings and  no flexing in the board. Cable boards all have a grind base. This base is for durability when hitting kickers and sliders. A boat specific board has no grind base as you don’t hit obstacles when riding boat. So with saying that it seems like there is no option for 1 board for both, but wait there is hope for your board budget…

Liquid Force Hybrid Wakeboards

Cable and boat wakeboarders are now starting to merge. A while back the boaties and the cable riders were separate. Now more boat riders are riding cable and vs versa. This is where liquid force have created the hybrid boat /cable boards. The boards below are all examples of this.  They are a good mix of boat and cable into one board. Not too much flex, grind base and the choice of taking off or keeping the fins on. So yes there are boards that will serve both purposes, but in saying that – there are also boards that wont be suited for it , like the Liquid Force Tao wakeboard. It has no fins (not even fin holes), has loads of flex and could be a bit slippery when riding boat, but this all depends on your level of riding. So you want a board that will be good on boat and can shred the cable. Heres what to look for: -Grind base – for those obstacles. Grind base wont change boat riding. And if it does, then you are a pro and shouldn’t be reading this article of how to choose a board! –Medium/Stiff flex. You don’t want too much flex on that boat , but you want enough for the cable. The question also needs to be asked. What do you ride more, boat or cable?

Top recommendations for Liquid Force hybrid wakeboards

So here are our top recommendations for boat riders who also ride cable in no particular order.

  • Liquid Force Shane Hybrid

the best liquid force wakeboards for cable and boat

  • Liquid Force Watson Pro

the best liquid force hybrid wake boards for boat and cable riding

  • Liquid Force Witness Grind

the best hybrid wake boards from liquid force   For cable riders who ride boat , here are the choices:

  • Liquid Force Deluxe

liquid force hybrid wake boards for cable and boat wakeboarding

  • Liquid Force Super Trip

liquid force hybris wakeboards

  • Liquid Force Melissa (Girls)

hybrid wakeboards for girls

  • Liquid Force Delite (Girls)

cable and boat hybrid wakeboards for girls *These are just our humble opinions. Feel free to sound off in the comments.