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6 Tips for Strapless Kitesurfing Beginners | Liquid Force Cape Town.

6 Tips for Strapless Kitesurfing Beginners

  1. Find a board that has a good weight to it – you don’t want a super light board that hops away from you. You want something with a bit of weight. Don’t be scared of weight. We aren’t surfers – we don’t hit maximum 25km/h speeds – we go way faster over chop. Kitesurfing can be better compared to big wave surfing. All big wave boards are heavier and sit way better through chop.
Strapless kitesurfing for beginners

Photo: Luke Walker

  1. Once you have your board, decide whether you want pads all round or pads and wax. Personally, I prefer a back and front pad with wax in the middle – some people prefer a back pad and just wax. You’ll find the combination that works for you.
  1. Whatever you do, stay away from a leash! Bad news! Once you get more comfortable on the board and start riding waves on a rocky shore line – then you can maybe use one, but if you’re riding a beach break don’t use a leash, the board will just wash ashore.
Kitesurfing strapless

Photo: Luke Walker

  1. Now you’re ready to hit the water. Keep your weight evenly distributed over the board. When going over waves: move your weight to the back leg – lifting the nose of the board and making it easier to pop over.
  1. Now you’re at the back line and you need to get back to shore. Depending on whether you’re goofy or regular, there are 2 basic ways to jibe:
  • Option 1 – Place both feet next to each other with your toes facing the nose. If you can ride like this jibing will be easy
  • Option 2 Turn to toeside then walk your board. If you bring your kite up – it lifts you off the board making it easier to walk around the board
  1. Once you have the jibing down – you can start to get more technical with tacks and jibes! Keep a eye on the blog for the video tutorial.

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